Welcome to the most caring corner of the internet.

Looking for an online space brimming with people who “get it”?

It’s like your favorite downtown coworking loft - expert office hours, happy hour, and endless cheerleading for your badass biz.
(Without the cliques or high price tag)

You’re craving connection with people who are doing the damn thing, but doing it their way.

And you want to feel like you’ve found your people, right??

In your search for online camaraderie, it’s entirely likely that you have:
  • already joined a group or two in hopes of finding an online home.
  • Maybe invested in a mastermind or two.
  • Tried to gather your own group of accountabilibuddies for regular coworking.

But… whomp whomp… none of it turned into a lasting community.

If you’re a biz owner with big feelings, mild social anxiety*, and a whole lotta enthusiasm…

Welcome home.

*note: this is not a prerequisite, we welcome those unicorns among us who have no anxiety in social situations*

Trying to find *your* place online… and struggling?

It’s not you, it’s them.

Here’s what we forget about running an online business: It’s often quite lonely. And that’s ok.

Even if you’re totally booked out with dream clients, your products are flying off the online shelves, and you’re networking like a badass, finding a community where you can relax and show up as your whole self isn’t as available as we like to think.

In this online world of “join this program NOW” and “here’s how you get the secrets to success” and “collaborate with like-minded business owners!”... 

Maybe you have, too?? (We see you nodding.)

Here are a few things we’ve found lacking in other “communities” and programs out there. 

Work/life balance is a myth. But you probably already knew that, you smart cookie. Rather than being sold the idea that the *perfect* framework or tool is going to suddenly make business and life easier, you’ll get actual support rooted in reality. Having a cheering section, support system, and feedback forum sure makes it easier to ebb and flow between the personal and the professional.

You feel like you’re missing “the key” to work/life balance. (Which is less real than the Tooth Fairy.)

Saying you have to show up to 2 calls a week and answer 4 questions in a Slack thread or Facebook group does not a community make. Knowing how we (as in-di-vid-u-als) respond to inner and outer expectations can change the game when it comes to accountability and making strong connections.. Any accountability space that doesn’t understand individual differences is going to be a big swing-and-a-miss for most folks (esp. those of us who identify as neurodiverse or come from marginalized backgrounds). 

Traditional accountability doesn’t work for everyone.

These groups can be super useful, but they don’t foster true community because they’re typically built to drive leads and answer basic questions (hellooooo, market research). Pillars of community - connection, two-way support, perspective, exchange of ideas - aren’t the same pillars of a free FB group.

Free FB groups aren’t built to be a place for true connection. (#HotTake)

You don’t need another mastermind, you don’t need another free challenge, and you MOST CERTAINLY do not need another course. You just need to implement the things you’ve learned along the way - and start taking consistent action on your goals. And you need people who are in your corner and in your back pocket (yay, pocket friends!) so you can get support and give it when folks need it most.

It’s “community” disguised as another program or framework.

If you’re realizing that you haven’t found a community that fits your style, your brain, and your life & work… we’d like to introduce you to The Connection Collective.

Our unofficial tagline: Not Another Mastermind.

We’re all about that Human First, Biz Second® approach: running an online business in ways that make sense to you and your brain.

No plug and play templates here, no sales formulas, no square-peg-round-hole consternation, and absolutely no “Hey hey hey now, that’s not business-related, please don’t bring it up in the comments.” You’ll get coworking sessions, hot seats, and a space to vent, cry, celebrate, and experience the full range of what it means to be a biz owner and human (without sacrificing one or the other). 

The Connection Collective is the online membership for intentional entrepreneurs searching for camaraderie, community, and connection.

Alison Behrens Braly
The Self Care Enthusiast

What shocked me so much about TCC was when I got into a group of completely supportive humans who let me focus on myself and also encouraged me to do what I needed to do for myself, it made my business better. That’s the magic of TCC. When you’re fully supported and surrounded by diverse, magical biz people, it makes your business better.

Here's what's on the inside

Think of it as biz-informed life coaching: you probably already know what to do next, but the constant caterwauling on social media has you turned all around upside down. There are too many ideas in your head and too little time to bring them to life. 

Sign up ahead of time to guarantee a spot and leave some info about what's up, and we'll make sense of the cacophony of ideas bouncing through your mind and turn the clanging into a symphony.

stop sweating about what to to do next and reconnect with your intuition.

Office Hours:
Human First Coaching

Sometimes just getting your butt in the chair is what it takes to find your groove - and working alongside others is always more fun than going it alone. We have two monthly coworking - one for chit chats, one that's silent -  to check in with each other and get sh*t done (especially when that “getting sh*t done” is taking a break!).

With two options for however your brain works best.

Twice-monthly Coworking

Join us the last Thursday of every month for time to unwind and chat about whatever’s top of mind. We chat, we laugh, we cry - we run the gamut of human emotion and simply delight in each other’s company. No strategizing, no "productivity," just community and networking.

No alcohol required, snacks are highly encouraged!

Networking Happy Hour

This is where we connect, where you can always find support and much-needed “I see you’s” when dealing with hard sh*t. 

Organized to minimize overwhelm and maximize connection, there are specific channels for celebrating, sharing what you do, discussing biz from a Human First lens, and more. 

And between us… it’s the part of the Connection Collective that members love the most. 😉

where all the good stuff happens.

The Hoppin’ Circle Community

Serena Johnson
Get Me Out Of This Job

I joined because I didn’t want another mastermind. I had all the biz advice I needed. Had a plan. Looking for a community of humans I was SOUL connected to. Human first biz second is the essence of this space. I can come as a human and feel my feelings around business and feel supported and just be seen and heard.

Erin Baker is a recovering academic and social media techie turned self-leadership coach and business strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and be joy-full AF while doing it.

They've been building and facilitating in-person and virtual communities for 15 years, from LGBTQIA+ groups to change-making entrepreneurs, and lead research on the posting experience at a Meta with the focus on how to people best share themselves and connect with others.

Wanna know who’s going to be facilitating the Collective and helping you connect with some amazing people? 

Meet Erin!
The facilitator of this magnificent group of humans.

So... who’s herding these cats??

Neurodiverse by design (exclusivity is so out)

When you’ve joined programs or communities in the past, does the lack of support for the way you engage with content frustrate you? Because same.

Not all content is created the same, and online course models have become a bit cookie-cutter in their pedagogy and approach to working with business owners.

Inside The Connection Collective, curriculum and community are designed for, though not exclusive to, neurodiverse humans like yourself.

No draconian methodologies, no mandatory calls, no one right way to participate.

The most important thing here is coming together in community to celebrate the myriad of ways we run our businesses and tend to ourselves in the process.

For those who are in a place of financial privilege and would like to help subsidize the community.

For those eager to join and are most comfortable paying the "recommended" rate.

For those who know they will thrive in TCC and could not afford to join otherwise.

Community That’s Accessible (& Fun as Hell)

Let's be honest, a lot of "total value" shiz on industry sales pages is inflated in order to make you feel like you're getting an amazing deal that’s disproportionate to what you’re paying. Instead, The Connection Collective structure and backend are built to serve in a way that works for the kind of community we want to serve. This way, we can overdeliver on value without inflating exactly what you get.

So let’s keep this simple, yeah?

Membership is paid monthly and offered on a sliding scale to provide maximum financial accessibility.






Community Care

Need help signing up or got questions?
Email Megan directly at megan@theconnectioncollective.co.

  • ...you’re enthusiastic af about your work and sick of your cheering section of one (...you, it’s just you).
  • ...you’ve already done a mastermind or two and you want the intimacy of community without the price tag (or rigid structure) of a program.
  • ...you love supporting your friends and are ready to engage with other badasses in a wide variety of industries and niches.

This is for you if:

  • ...you’re looking for a follow-for-follow style group. While you may find yourself with a whole new gang of followers, there is no expectation of following fellow members on social media or interacting with posts.
  • ...you’re looking for a specific launch strategy, social media plan, or framework-driven course materials. This isn’t a course or program. It’s a community.
  • ...you are looking for a highly niched problem-solving cohort.

This is not for you if:

Is there a time commitment for membership?

Because there is so much inside the membership, and a thriving community support system, we ask for a minimum commitment of 3-months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I realize it’s not for me?

That’s ok - we won’t cry cuz it ended, we’ll smile because it happened and there’ll be no hard feelings. We ask for a minimum 3-month commitment but are always open to chat in the event of extenuating circumstances. Please feel free to email us (support@theconnectioncolletice.co) at any time.

Do I have to show up to all the calls?

Heavens to betsy, in no way are members expected to have the time and energy to show up for all of this every month. Certainly, if you want to, awesome! Go you! But in true Human First fashion, this membership is designed to meet you where you’re at and ensure you get 100% of your value, no matter how you choose to engage.

I’m an introvert, I don’t want all my time eaten up by the Collective…

Hey, me too (Megan here 👋) — introverts unite! I’ll reference the answer above and add this: as long as you’re showing up for yourself and your biz in ways that feel good to you and your brain, you’re exactly where you need to be. There are no required events in the Collective after your initial orientation week.

Why are there 3 prices for the same thing?

One of the first things we noticed about online business communities was the sheer expense of them - we sure couldn’t afford to join one when we first started our businesses! We also feel strongly that community should be financially accessible, and with the Collective’s Community Structure to membership rates, we can do our best to make sure folks who want to join can.

Wait, who is “we”? I thought it was just Megan!

Caught that, did you? We knew you were smart. Hello, CEO was originally intended to be a space for neurodiverse entrepreneurs. I (Megan) created The Connection Collective as a subset of my own services, and quickly realized it belonged under the Hello, CEO banner. And as you probably have gathered, t’s not just me here. There are amazing folks who help me keeping the community running and who offer guidance, feedback, and support on the backend to keep things running. While I am the one guiding the calls and managing the community, it's not The Megan Show, and I don't want it to be! Learn more about Hello, CEO here

Will you teach me how to build my business?

Short answer: no. There’s no offer framework we’re teaching, no method for sales on repeat - this isn’t a community built around a course. Rather, we’re a collective of courageous business owners who share a vision for a Human First, Biz Second® world rooted in boundaries, storytelling, and communal care.

I don’t identify as neurodivergent, but I really want to join. Can I?

ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY! Yes. Of course. No question. Get your butt in here. While the membership - and Hello, CEO as a whole - is designed to serve neurodiverse humans, we’re not ND exclusive. Our aim is to make online business education, resources, and community accessible to neurodiverse humans but not exclusive to them. If you’re feeling the feelings that the Collective might be just what you’ve been looking for, hop on in. The water’s great.

If you’re craving connection, a safe space to share your wins and woes, and want to connect with our biz owners who want the same…
The Connection Collective is calling your name.

Can you hear it? It’s whispering through your windows right now…