Stepping off the traditional path to build something more aligned with your values and ethics is even harder.

But when you’re a neurodiverse human with different learning needs and energy levels, the weight of it all can start to feel damn near impossible to carry.

We get it.
Building a thriving online biz is HARD.

We make biz work for your brain.

The disappointment that overwhelms you when you realize that you haven’t even touched the course you bought a full year ago…

The crushing guilt you feel because you can’t seem to hustle as fast as your biz friends on Insta…

You know what it’s like to struggle to build your biz like you’re “supposed” to:

The frustration that fills you when you lose steam for a creative project you publicly announced that you’d release soon…

The temptation to conform to neurotypical teaching styles that don’t make any sense to your brain, even if it hurts you…

Because isn’t this all there is?

Shouldn’t you just suck it up and try harder?

Excuse us, but, Hell No.

Because the industry needs to understand that it is WILDLY possible to build your business in a way that works for YOU, not the other way around.

We built Hello, CEO to support neurodiverse, chronically ill, disabled, and marginalized business owners…

You CAN pursue your dreams restfully, authentically, and joyfully without sacrificing your humanity in the process.

Friend, you have full permission to drop your mask and be your full self with us. There’s no pressure to perform like your peers or glamorize the gurus. We see and celebrate the wholeness of you, just as you are.

And we are so glad that you’re here.

Erin Baker is a recovering academic and social media techie turned self-leadership coach and business strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and be joy-full AF while doing it. They ensure Hello CEO continues to dream big and set out towards adventuresome destinations, while also having plenty of snacks on board for the journey.

Erin is known for seeing what nobody else does, remembering even the tiniest facts about people, and connecting fascinating humans who definitely should have known each other by now. They also have a rocking tie collection and bottomless drawer of snarky socks. 

Megan Dowd is is a classically trained actress turned coach & strategist for feminist entrepreneurs who yearn to create real connections to their audience with their amazing offers and content. She steers the ship of Hello CEO toward breathtaking destinations (and away from pointy rocks).

Megan is extraordinarily gifted at gathering good people into community and thrives on a 3-beverage minimum at all times (usually water, cold brew, and a fresh pot of tea).

Meet your Hype Squad!

Who We Are

Hello CEO’s Charismatic Captain
& the Tucci to your Streep

Hello CEO’s First Mate
& the Abbi to your Ilana.



Katie Meek
Fandemonium Design

There is a love and a space within this community that has really helped me embrace where I am in my life and my business (no easy feat!). Just knowing I have this community here to tap into is so helpful.

Molly Rivera
The Darling Revolution

So many memberships are either super-touchy-feely, but no biz side OR nothing but business with no room for the life stuff. The Connection Collective has been a safe space to tether into hope and community.

Ariela Rossberg
Celestial Creativity

In The Connection Collective, I’m nurtured for who I am as a human and as someone trying to build a business from the ground up. It’s been the best gift I’ve given myself this past year.

Alison Behrens Braly
The Self Care Enthusiast

When you’re fully supported and surrounded by diverse, magical biz people, it makes your business better.

Our revolutionary online biz membership that’s actually not about your biz.

The Connection Collective

What We Offer

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DIY biz workbooks, trainings, and resources created for neurodiverse brains.

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Human First, Biz Second®

Our Values

We believe in the gift of community, prioritize people over profit, and unabashedly delight in the weird, wonderful humans we are.

Inclusive & Intersectional By Design

We proudly create experiences and resources that nourish and celebrate neurodiverse, disabled, chronically ill, and marginalized business owners.

Inefficiency Over Sacrifice

We refuse to teach others to build businesses cheaply and efficiently at the expense of their values, ethics, and mental health.

Honesty & Transparency, Always

We courageously welcome hard conversations and honor the nuance of lived experiences that are different than our own.

Looking for biz resources that just make sense to your gorgeous, neurodiverse mind?

Looking for a biz community where you can drop the hustle and just BE with other neurodiverse folks doing good work in the world?