Designed for brains that just work a little bit different.

You’re craving connection with people who get the way your brain works — or can at least relate.

You’re searching for resources that help YOU function at your best while honoring what your brain or body needs.

You want to find a place that helps you feel a little less alone, a little less “ill-equipped,” and a whole lot more connected.

Education & community for neurodiverse entrepreneurs & online biz owners.

Congrats, folks. You found it.

Welcome to Hello, CEO.

This assumption that online business and entrepreneurship would be… flexible… shouldn’t make an ass out of U & Me, though.

After all, people start their businesses because they want to work on their terms and have the freedom to live their lives.

That’s just now what we see happening, though. 

Instead, we see:

You started your own business to find flexibility.





Rigid Frameworks

Exclusive Communities

Predatory Marketing

One-Way Thinking

That’s just not the vibe.

We totally understand if you’re feeling disillusioned. And we’ve been RIGHT where you are — wanting to find the flexibility and excitement you were craving when you created your services, products, or whatever you offer.

When you find yourself stuck in a hard business moment, have an awkward client situation, or wonder what to do next…
We are here to help you search for answers.

When you’re feeling like your neurodiversity is more of a challenge than a gift…
We’re here to remind you that it’s them, not you.

And when you’re searching for ways to grow your offers, serve your clients or customers well, and feel confident about what you’re doing…
We are creating the resources that help.

A community for neurodiverse entrepreneurs and biz owners. Find your people — without the rigamarole of another course.

The Connection Collective

What We Offer

Rep your neurodiversity and wave your Weirdo Wand proudly. Our Hello, CEO shop has tons of merch just for folks like you.


This is where the magic happens. Get resources you need to help you support your brains, your business, and your bottom line.

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What we can offer you & your beautiful brain

I’m Megan, a neurodiverse entrepreneur who found myself getting really peeved, realizing that the online business education space was failing entrepreneurs, especially neurodiverse folk.

I wanted to change that, so I created Hello, CEO and the community within. That’s why I say “WE” — because it’s not just me here. There are amazing folks who help me keeping the community running and who offer guidance, feedback, and support on the backend to keep things running.

Welcome to this space. We’re here to help you see how you can do it your own way.

Oh hey there!

But wait a minute… who are ‘WE’?

xo, Megan

We’re not just here for the neurodiverse folks.

We’re here for the neuro-normies (we love you), the LGBTQIA+, the marginalized communities, the BIPOC community, and the folks who just feel a little out of sorts with the current online biz space.

We created Hello, CEO for you. For the misfits, mavericks, and multi-passionate humans — and we can’t wait to get to know you.

Who is Hello CEO for??

We did a round-up of our fave software for 6 key areas of your business. This is your invitation to benefit from our trial & error approach to systems, and know what does what and how it might work for (or against) your gorgeous brain.

You're not alone.

Constantly trying out new software to see if that one will finally work for you?